How to automate screenshots of a Pipedrive dashboard

Learn how to automatically capture recurring screenshots of a Pipedrive dashboard using PagePixels.


PagePixels is a screenshot automation solution that you can use to take automated scheduled screenshots of web pages, including Pipedrive dashboards.

PagePixels is free to start, and this tutorial shows you how to set up a screenshot automation that takes daily screenshots of your Pipedrive dashboard.

How to automate taking a screenshot of a Pipedrive dashboard

To take recurring screenshots of your Pipedrive dashboard on a daily schedule:


Duplicate template

Pipedrive dashboard screenshot template →

Click on the template link above, and PagePixels will auto-generate a screenshot configuration tailored for taking screenshots of a Pipedrive dashboard.


Replace Website URL

The template contains a placeholder URL in the "Website URL to Capture" field.

Replace this URL value with your Pipedrive dashboard's public share link.


Save Screenshot

Click the green "Save Screenshot" (top-right) button.

Your screenshot automation is officially set, and your first screenshot will be taken shortly.


Screenshot template breakdown

Below is a list of the settings produced by the Pipedrive dashboard screenshot template and explanations for each.

Basic Setup

Website URL to capture
  • This field is where you'll want to put your Pipedrive dashboard's public share link.
Wait X milliseconds
  • This Multi-Step Action is to allow enough time for the page to load before performing the subsequent steps.
Insert CSS
#onetrust-consent-sdk{display: none;}
  • Pipedrive currently employs a OneTrust cookie banner that often pops ups in a screenshot. To prevent this, this Multi-Step Action inserts CSS to completely remove the OneTrust banner from the page.
Run Javascript
window.scrollTo({top: document.body.scrollHeight, behavior: 'smooth'});
  • Pipedrive uses a loading strategy for their data visualizations widgets, where widgets do not fully load until their in full view. To ensure all data visualizations load before taking the screenshot, this Multi-Step Action runs Javascript to scroll the full height of the page.


Time to wait before capturing the screenshot
  • This field waits a set amount of time in milliseconds before taking a screenshot. This is especially helpful for pages with data visualizations, as they often take a long time to load.
  • If your Pipedrive dashboard doesn't appear fully loaded in the screenshot, you can increase this value further (max is 20000).

Page Setup

Full Page
  • To take a screenshot of the entire dashboard, check the "Full Page" option field.

What else can PagePixels do?

When you automate screenshots of your Pipedrive dashboards with PagePixels, you can also:

  • Schedule recurring screenshots by time interval, days of the week, time of day, and time zone with PagePixels built-in scheduling system.
  • Send and save screenshots of your Pipedrive dashboards to 5,000+ services with the PagePixels Screenshots Zapier integration.
  • Automatically post screenshots of your Pipedrive dashboards to a public or private Slack channel or custom webhook address with PagePixels built-in integrations.
  • Use PagePixels Embed URL technology to display and share the latest screenshot of your Pipedrive dashboard with a single auto-updating link (no iframe required).
  • Customize the style of your Pipedrive dashboard with PagePixels CSS injection feature.
  • Use PagePixels CSS selector option to take screenshots of a specific widget/metric in your Pipedrive dashboard.
  • Programmatically take scheduled and one-time screenshots of your Pipedrive dashboards using PagePixels Screenshots API.


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