Automate Screenshots

PagePixels is the automated screenshot solution with scheduling, change notifications, and delivery capabilities built-in and ready to go.

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Spy on your competitors

Keep track of your competitors and receive notifications when things change.

  • Track their online rankings and reviews
  • Plans and pricing
  • New Blog posts and website changes

Send notifications to Slack, Microsoft Teams, or to a webhook to populate data warehouses for visualizations and analytics.

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Send Screenshots Directly to your Favorite Services

Populate dashboards with data from around the web

Quickly create new screenshots in your Control Panel or with the Full-Featured API.

  • Image link always contains the latest screenshot
  • Blazing Fast CDN Embed Links
  • Schedulable Screenshots
  • Ability to click links, buttons, and complete forms before taking your screenshot.

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Multi-Step Screenshots

Sometimes you need to do more before taking a screenshot. With PagePixels you can:

  • Click Links
  • Fill out Forms
  • Login to Websites
  • Run Custom Scripts
  • And More.

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