Screenshots for OptinMonster using the PagePixels Screenshot API

PagePixels Screenshots API

Schedule and automate taking screenshots of OptinMonster and other websites.


Easily use screenshots in your OptinMonster business use cases.

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With PagePixels Screenshots you can take screenshots of almost anything on the web, including OptinMonster, with our easy to use Screenshot API.

We've also made it easy to send screenshots directly to 6000+ services, including OptinMonster, by partnering with the no-code solution Zapier.

If you prefer a simple web interface, we provide a full-featured interface to configure and schedule screenshots in the easy to use PagePixels control panel, where you can view all of your screenshot configurations and past screenshots in a single location.

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Read more below to learn about other PagePixels features, such as Multistep screenshots, dashboard integrations, and more.

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Multi-Step Screenshots

Sometimes you need to do more before taking a screenshot. With PagePixels you can:

  • Click Links
  • Fill out Forms
  • Login to Websites
  • Run Custom Scripts
  • And More.

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Send screenshots directly to your favorite services


Post screenshots to private & public Slack channels.


Upload screenshots to 5,000+ services.


Save screenshots to your Dropbox account.


Deliver screenshots to a custom webhook address.

Populate dashboards with data from around the web

Quickly create new screenshots in your Control Panel or with the Full-Featured API.

  • Image link always contains the latest screenshot
  • Blazing Fast CDN Embed Links
  • Schedulable Screenshots
  • Ability to click links, buttons, and complete forms before taking your screenshot.

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Spy on your competitors

Keep track of your competitors and receive notifications when things change.

  • Track their online rankings and reviews
  • Plans and pricing
  • New Blog posts and website changes

Send notifications to Slack, Zapier, or webhook to populate data warehouses for visualizations and analytics.

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