How to take screenshots of App Store review ratings

Learn how to automate taking screenshots of App Store review ratings with PagePixels.


PagePixels is a screenshot tool that can automate the process of taking screenshots of web pages (and parts of web pages), including an app's App Store review ratings.

PagePixels is free to start, and this tutorial demonstrates how to capture App Store ratings and reviews for an app from Apple's App Store website on a daily schedule.


How to take screenshots of App Store review ratings

To take daily recurring screenshots of an app's App Store rating stats and reviews:


Create a screenshot

Log in to your PagePixels account, and click the "+Create Screenshot" button.


Set your schedule

By default, recurring screenshots are set to every 5 minutes.

For a daily screenshot, change the default frequency values from every "5" "Minutes" to every "1" "Days" using the input field and drop-down menu.



Copy and paste a link to your app's App Store preview web page into the "Website URL to Capture" field.


Add CSS Selector

PagePixels CSS selector option is helpful for capturing a specific element on a web page.

In this case - to screenshot only the ratings and reviews element on the App Store preview page, you can use the CSS Selector: > section:nth-child(6)

Change Scale Factor (optional)

To produce a higher resolution screenshot of the reviews rating element, select the option 2 from the "Scale Factor" field drop-down menu.


Add custom CSS (optional)

PagePixels CSS injection option is useful for customizing the style of a web page or a specific element you want to screenshot.

In this case - to add padding, remove the top border, and "See All" text link from the reviews rating element, you can use the CSS: >
padding: 16px;
border-top: none;
} >
section:nth-child(6) > .section__nav{
display: none;

Save Screenshot

Click the green "Save Screenshot" (top-right) button.

Your screenshot automation is officially set, and your first screenshot will be taken shortly.

What else can PagePixels do?

When you automate screenshots of your App Store ratings with PagePixels, you can also:

  • Embed the latest App Store rating analytics for your app in your website, business intelligence / data visualization dashboard, and more, using a PagePixels Embed URL (no iframe required).
  • Send and save screenshots of your App Store rating analytics and reviews to 5,000+ services with the PagePixels Screenshots Zapier integration.
  • Automatically post screenshots of your App Store ratings to a public or private Slack channel or custom webhook address with PagePixels built-in integrations.
  • Track and receive an alert when changes happen to your App Store score or total review count using PagePixels Change Notification feature.
  • Use PagePixels built-in scheduling system, to easily schedule recurring screenshots by time interval, days of the week, time of day, and time zone (no other tool required).
  • Programmatically take scheduled and one-time screenshots of your App Store ratings using PagePixels Screenshots API.


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