Screenshot API Service Index

Automatically take and send screenshots to 5000+ apps is a digital business card platform that allows you to share your contact and business information.


Noor is a collaboration tool for deep work & intense bursts.


Smstools is a user-friendly platform to send and receive SMS, Whatsapp, and voice calls.


IdentityCheck verifies the identity of your contacts


Programmatically run AI-powered workflows created in MindStudio. Pass through data as variables in the workflow, and get an response back from your AI app.


Launch, scale, and monetize your newsletter with a publishing platform built for growth. Built by those who have done it before.


Mercury is an online financial platform that helps startups grow and manage their capital.

Mercury Connect

Mercury Connect is a CRM platform that lets you track people & opportunities, loan calculations, compare products, and manage compliance.


Uniqode’s QR Codes and digital business cards help businesses worldwide build direct relationships, grow revenue, and acquire relevant data


Member365 is an All-in-One Membership Management CRM software that can automate your membership renewals and payments.

Nova CRM

Nova CRM is a real state lead management CRM


EducateMe is an all-in-one platform for social learning. It allows you to create an easy-to-go experience for your learners without losing live communication.

Alt Text Automator

Alt Text Automator lets you generate an alt text for any given image.


Design and build professional websites with a CMS from scratch online with Webflow.


Omnisend is a marketing automation platform built for growing ecommerce businesses that have graduated their basic email marketing tools.

Webmecanik Automation

Webmecank Automation is a marketing automation software based on Mautic community project.


Acquire is a customer communication platform. We help users bridge gaps between customers and sales and support teams to empower all involved.

Business App

Business App provides a single place for your sales teams to view key information about your customers. allows you to build applications using different AI systems such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini or Stability AI.


SuperPlugs is a customer feedback management platform


Flowdacity lets you build conversational forms and chat effortlessly without coding.


Novofon is a VOIP client for support and sales teams that helps agents increase their productivity.


Zonos is a technology company providing solutions for cross-border logistics, specializing in the calculation of duties, taxes, and fees for ecommerce shipments


Lantern allows you to build product discovery quizzes to engage customers, improve their shopping experience & boost sales.


Gleap is an All-in-one customer feedback tool for websites and apps.

Mslm Cloud - Email Verify

Email Verify helps identify email authenticity and tells if it is real, fake or disposable email address


RocketDevs is a global remote company that facilitates connections between companies and a diverse pool of software engineers

Tend Smart Farm

Tend Smart Farm is an all-in-one platform that allows farmers to plan their crops, keep records, manage daily operations, and track sales.


Chattermill is a powerful experience analytics platform. We use the latest in deep learning to extract relevant insight from customer feedback.


Spark is a modern Medicare brokerage platform to manage the full lifecycle of a client from quoting to post-enrollment support.

Google AI Studio (Gemini)

Google AI Studio is a fast, easy way to start prototyping generative AI ideas using Google's Gemini model. takes care of automating a few integrations of your hostel.

Guru Jobs New

GURU JOBS SRL is the company of the OSM - Open Source Management Group specialized in training, research and selection of personnel, which selects the best talents for companies in terms of aptitudes and experience.


Kahunas App helps Kahunas Coaches to handle and create their clients.


MarketVue streamlines direct mail: design, track, and ship in one platform. accepts calls on behalf of your company, classifies the calls and notes all information about the caller's request


EmailListVerify verifies your email list directly in the tool you use to send newsletters, email notifications, and others.


Worktual offers an innovative chatbot product designed to enhance customer engagement and support, with customizable features and advanced AI technology.


BotGenuity is a no-code AI chatbots builder.

Post Cheetah

Post Cheetah is an AI based SEO tool which you can connect to any website or blog to supercharge your content and SEO rankings.


Documenso is an open-source digital signing platform.


Workflow86 is an all-in-one workflow automation platform for complex and mission-critical business operations.


H-WEB is a financial management system, comprehensive business management software, CRM customer relationship management, accounting and more.


NileDesk is a Low-Code BPM software, empowering the staff in departments like HR, Finance, IT, Sales, Procurement, etc., to design efficient workflow solutions.


AnswerFlow lets you build Custom AI ChatGPT Bots with unlimited usage with your own Open AI API Key. Supports Documents, Links & 1000+ Integrations


Grassrootz is a leading fundraising platform: manage donations, events and your peer to peer fundraising.

Let's Get Digital

Let's Get Digital helps event organisers to exceed their event goals and to become leading events in their area.


StreetFair connects homeowners with neighborhood-trusted home service businesses.

Content Workflow by Bynder

Content Workflow is a Content Operations Platform that brings people, process & content together—to save businesses time & improve content quality.


Pagewheel is a SAAS platform that builds digital products, eBooks, lead magnets and sales pages for our users using AI-enabled templates.


GPTBots seamlessly connect LLMs with enterprise data, services and workflows, empower your business with incredible AI capabilities.


FutureVault is an industry leader of Digital Vault solutions built for modern firms, professionals, and their clients.


Rigi is a creator economy company helping creators to monetise their offerings via multiple tools like paid courses, paid webinars and community launches.


Shinkai supercharges AI to better handle your daily tasks and helps the AI to stay up-to-date with global information


AudienceTap is a SMS marketing & sales tool that enables frictionless shopping directly in the text message thread.


Parma is a minimalistic CRM that helps you remember who your customers are, what they like, and when you last connected.


eviivo is the all-in-one PMS for your vacation rentals, B&B's and hotels.

Boon Bot

Boon Bot is an easy to setup AI chat bot solution, geared to help you create leads and convert them into revenue.

Aurora Inbox

Aurora Inbox transforms your business WhatsApp into an intelligent sales hub.


Nemonic is a versatile inkless printer for sticky notes and labels. Effortlessly automate the visualization of reminders, ideas, and inspirations.


TripWorks is a booking platform for tour operators, built from the ground up to help you market, promote, grow, manage, and operate your business successfully.


Graphlan helps you collect your contacts info from the web (Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, and LinkedIn), as well as collaborate on contacts.

Tap Tag

Tap Tag is a powerful profile management tool that comes ready-to-setup on every Tag. This system allows you manage your contact card, share it, and more.


eGrow CRM is a powerful customer relationship management platform designed to help businesses manage their customer relationships effectively.


Our Happiness Platform combines authentic communication tools, dedicated success specialists and AI to help you build lasting relationships.


RepliQ allows you to generate videos, images or personalized lines at scale.


Inari is the AI-first product management stack and manages customer feedback to generate insightful product insights with analytics.


Blogify is an AI-powered blog generator which allows bloggers to easily convert their videos/audios/webpages to stunning blogs very easily.


ProxiedMail provides creating email addresses, forwarding and receiving emails with full context.


Talkadot is the only speaking tool you need to collect testimonials, capture leads and referrals, and generate booking opportunities.

Gainsight Customer Communities

Gainsight's Customer Communities is a B2B customer success community platform that increases self-service and engagement during crucial phases of the customer journey.

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Cloud

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a ITIL® compliant comprehensive help desk software with integrated asset and project management capabilities.


Vibo is a music manager tool for events.

Exact Online

Exact Online is a cloud-based accounting and ERP software tailored for SMEs, offering financial management, invoicing, and inventory tracking.


Metatext is a easy to use AI tool to create and manage robust language models for classification, extraction and generation tasks.


MyOTP.App Secures Your Applications with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Send and Validate One-Time Passcodes (OTP) through SMS, WhatsApp, and other channels.


MyFreeScoreNow is a credit monitoring platform that also provides an affiliate partner portal to manage their clients enrolled in MyFreeScoreNow monitoring.


Clnto simplifies agency client management: leads, proposals, CRM, invoicing, and revenue tracking all in one software.


Queue is a platform that lets you launch and grow your productized service business.

Behavior Tracker

With the help of Behavior Tracker, you can manage your team's productivity and speed up your project delivery times with powerful analytics.


SALT is a digital insurance application for independent insurance agents.


Survser is a user and product research tool that allows its users to create and deploy microsurveys within their digital products.


DiscoverData helps you convert your website browsers into buyers by leveraging our AI matching technology. is a document signing tool with a focus around the Signer eXperience™ (SX™). Key features include welcome/exit videos & signing celebration games!


QuickReviewer is a cloud based collaborative proofing and review tool for creatives.

BaseKit Sitebuilder

Automate your business workflows when your BaseKit Sitebuilder store or online bookings business receives a new order or booking.


Podhome is a podcast hosting platform that you can use to host and distribute unlimited shows and episodes.


TellScale is a recommendation software that allows you to digitize your referral marketing and predictably acquire new customers through referral programs.


Dropboard is a hiring platform used to embed jobs on your site and process candidates who apply.


LaunchLemonade lets you create modular AI app stores in minutes


AcyMailing is an email marketing tool for WordPress and Joomla! to handle users, their subscriptions and send them meaningful emails.


JustCall helps sales and support teams to connect easily with their leads & customers. We provide a cloud based service that allows you to make calls and send text messages.


Embed giving into the heart of your business model and activities through B1G1’s giving platform


Vantage is a project management platform for signage and print.


Xero is an accounting app that lets you track businesses expenses and accounting with intuitive mobile apps and web interfaces for point-of-sale, ecommerce, time-tracking, and more.


Tactiq unlocks instant actionable insights from your meeting transcripts so that you get more out of your meetings and focus on the actions that matter.


LeadDetector is a lead collecting tool to track lead activities. is a platform that helps you build and manage your websites using AI.


Automate your video encoding workflows with SlashedCloud


Lodasoft is a Digital Workflow Platform designed by industry veterans to enhance productivity and quality for all members of the mortgage process.

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